7 Places to Dine and Drink in Clawson

Tucked in between Royal Oak and Troy sits the quaint town of Clawson. One-half of the Michigan Chews & Brews team used to live there, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

A lot has changed in Clawson over the last ten years or so. Moose Winooski’s was called Ted’s, Black Lotus Brewing Company was just getting started, and Renshaw Lounge was a smoky dive bar, much smaller than it is now.

Over the years, Clawson’s restaurant and bar scene has made great strides. New establishments have bridged the gap between old favorites, making it a great place to grab a great meal and a few drinks.

In no particular order, here are seven of our favorite places in Clawson. There are plenty more great establishments beyond the scope of this list, but we’re focusing on our go-to’s.

Black Lotus Brewing Co.

Black Lotus Clawson Michigan
We recommend the Detroit Hip Hops IPA from Black Lotus in Clawson.

If you live in Clawson and someone asks you where you’re from, a common point of reference is Black Lotus Brewing at the corner of 14 Mile Road and Main Street. It features a hip interior with a healthy selection of house brews and others from Michigan and beyond.

Detroit Hip Hops IPA is our favorite brew from Black Lotus. We also recommend their Funkin’ A Apricot Wheat when it’s available.

Hungry? We swear by their Dr. Detroit sandwich, loaded with corned beef, bacon, coleslaw, thousand island dressing, and relish.

In the summer, outdoor seating makes for a lazy day of enjoying a few pints with friends.

Clawson Steakhouse

The Clawson Steakhouse isn’t your grandparent’s steakhouse. Wait, yes it is, but in the best possible way.

If you’re looking for some old school charm and a classic cut of beef, take a step back in time at the Clawson Steakhouse. This Clawson institution serves high-quality meat and seafood, and is known for their signature 30 oz. Porterhouse Steak.

Live music and dancing Wednesday through Saturday nights adds to the personality of this unique gem.

Woodpile BBQ Shack

Woodpile BBQ Shack Clawson Michigan
It’s a BBQ extravaganza at Woodpile BBQ Shack in Clawson.

A new addition to Clawson, Woodpile BBQ Shack features amazing grub from Pitmaster Bubba, the National Barbeque Association’s 2013 BBQ Person of the Year.

We stopped by the Shack in the Fall before their official opening and tried just about everything on the menu. Our personal favorites were the Brisket and Burnt Ends. It’s been months and we’re still arguing over which one was better!

Swing by for a carry-out order and feast on some of the best BBQ around. Once they’re out, they’re out, so get there early.

Renshaw Lounge

Renshaw Lounge in Clawson was once a smoky dive bar, about half of its current size. Now, it’s a more mature version of its former self with expanded capacity, additional TVs, a sleeker interior, and an expanded beer selection with a notable Michigan craft beer offering.

With its transformation, this Clawson mainstay has become a destination for those outside the area, no longer just locals. Kick back with friends and order one of their delicious pizzas to pair with your pints.

Perry’s Pizza

Perry’s Pizza in Clawson is one of our favorites in the area. Don’t forget the Perry Sticks!

Okay, you can’t actually dine here, but Perry’s Pizza has to be our favorite pizza place in Clawson.

Enjoy a round or square pizza with your choice of toppings, but don’t stop there. No order is complete without Perry Sticks topped with mozzarella cheese. They’re mouthwatering!


Frittata is widely considered Clawson’s best place for breakfast. If you plan on visiting on the weekend, expect a wait. There’s a reason it’s packed.

As you may have guessed, the restaurant is known for creative frittatas. We personally love their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.

There’s no place we’d rather be than on Frittata’s patio on a lazy summer morning.

Noble Fish

Noble Fish Clawson
Noble Fish serves arguably the best sushi in Metro Detroit.

Perhaps the most well-known restaurant on our list, Noble Fish in Clawson is widely regarded as the best sushi in Metro Detroit. We can’t get enough of their insanely-fresh Tuna Nigiri and creative rolls. Our thirteen-year-old nephew claims that, “this sushi is life.”

Established in 1984, Noble Fish is a Japanese grocery store that has a small sushi bar in the back. There are only a few seats and there is no wait staff. We recommend calling-in your order because there’s always a line and we wouldn’t want you fainting in anticipation.


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  1. Don’t overlook Da Nang. I used to have to drive to Windsor for good Vietnamese food, but now I can just stop at the SE corner of 14 & Main. Really delicious food, nice decor and good service too

  2. Don’t forget about Due Venti! A wonderful little Italian place with a seasonally rotated menu, using the freshest ingredients available, locally. Love this place!

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