Opening Day Delights

Detroit Tigers Opening Day is basically a local holiday. Even if snowflakes are flying and the temperature is frigid, the first game of the season at Comerica Park is a special one. If you’re celebrating from the friendly confines of your own home, here are some Michigan-made snacks and twists on ballpark favorites to enjoy.

Detroit Tigers Opening Day Michigan Snacks Coney Dog

Germack Peanuts

Peanuts and baseball go together like Whittaker & Sweet Lou. Germack is the OG, roasting in Detroit since 1924. Fun fact, the only Detroit sports team older that Germack is the Tigers!

Motor City Popcorn

Locally made Motor City Popcorn executes the perfect double play with their Sweet N’ Salty Caramel Popcorn. So good, you won’t miss the prize at the bottom of the box.


Nachos get a Wallside Windows upgrade with Cherry Republic’s Cherry Queso & Detroit Salsa Company’s salsa. While we would love to shovel that goodness into our face holes with a baseball glove, we chose chips from Ann Arbor Tortilla company instead.

Red Hots Chili Sauce

Detroit has more Coney Dogs than Al Kaline has hits. For Opening Day, we are going with one of the originals: Red Hots Chili Sauce on top of a Dearborn Brand hot dog.

Browndog Creamery

Browndog Creamery is like the Miggy of ice cream: Every flavor is a hit. This small batch ice cream maker gets to take an extra base for donating to animal rescues.

As the humans to three crazy rescue dogs, this hits close to home. Check them out at Rescued Nuggets.


What’s the difference between a Juggalo Party and Opening Day: People DRINK Faygo on Opening Day! All jokes aside, it’s great as a mixer or on its own.

Bell’s Oberon

Long-heralded as the harbinger of spring, Oberon is a Michigan institution and springs right of passage. Just ask Cecil Fielder, the Tigers first baseman when Oberon was first brewed in 1992.

McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix

Anyone who has enjoyed the festivities of Opening Day in the D, knows you have to start the day off right. What better way to kick off the biggest party of the year than with a McClure’s Bloody Mary? Plus, you can say you ate…er drank your veggies.

Play Ball!

The crew at Michigan Chews & Brews would like to give a shout out to our Uncle Tommy, a Tigers ticket holder for 35-years and a wealth of information on ballpark eats.

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