Pic of the Week: St. Cece’s in Detroit

St. Cece's Pub Detroit
Pic of the Week: St. Cece’s in Detroit.

For our latest Pic of the Week, we went back to Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood to conquer the Brunch Burger at St. Cece’s Pub. After seeing them post a mouth-watering photo of it on Instagram, we had to try it!

It was a hot, steamy day in Detroit, but we decided to sit outside and enjoy the Michigan sunshine anyway. We relaxed at our picnic table and sipped Bloody Marys waiting in anticipation for our food to arrive.

The mammoth Brunch Burger showed up and our eyes grew big. This beast featured a perfectly-seasoned beef patty, egg, and naughty top and bottom buns made of bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. After many glorious bites and a case of the meat sweats, the burger was defeated.

Well done, St. Cece’s.

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