6 Cocktail Destinations in Traverse City

Traverse City is known for its breweries and wineries, but it has many great options for craft cocktails, too. Here are six places we recommend for cocktails in Traverse City.

Low Bar

Low Bar Traverse City Michigan

Low Bar sets the bar high for cocktails in Traverse City. It reminds us of The Oakland in Ferndale, but we like the layout, décor, and finishes even better.

During our last visit, their menu consisted of a bright and addicting cocktail called the Bourbon Basil Smash. There was also a cocktail called The Boss, served in a bottle laid on its side. The contents of the bottle were then smoked, providing a unique cocktail experience.

After you’ve had your fill at Low Bar, head upstairs to 7 Monks, an amazing bar with a diverse selection of brews from across the state, country, and world.

The Franklin

The Franklin Traverse City Michigan

We love sitting on the rooftop at The Franklin on a warm, sunny day. What makes it even better is enjoying one of their craft cocktails. Among the cocktails we’ve enjoyed is their version of a Ferndale ’75, made with local sparkling wine.

Fire Fly

Fire Fly Traverse City Michigan

Fire Fly offers a large selection of barrel-aged creations, house-aged in American oak barrels. We tried The Lohner with Templeton Rye, grand mariner, and bitters.

In the summer, we recommend sitting outside along Boardman River. It’s a peaceful way to tip a few back.

Bistro FouFou

Bistro FouFou Traverse City Michigan

It is not a surprise that the French bistro, Bistro FouFou, makes excellent cocktails. Happy hour makes it even easier to drink great cocktails (or wine, if that’s your thing) while enjoying an exceptional selection of appetizers for $5 or less. Duck Poutine and Deviled Eggs, anyone?


Georgina's Traverse City Michigan

In addition to Georgina’s offering fantastic Asian Latin cuisine (including some of our favorite fries in Michigan), it’s a place we like to visit for cocktails. Their cocktail list is fairly small, but includes a knock-your-socks-off Mojito. You can also add strawberry or pineapple for an extra pop of flavor.

The Parlor

The Parlor Traverse City

On the same block as Rare Bird Brewpub and Patisserie Amie, The Parlor serves up handcrafted cocktails in a cool, relaxed atmosphere. The Parlor opened in 2013, eighty years after the end of prohibition. If they keep creating such great cocktails, thriving for eighty years shouldn’t be a problem.

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  1. Although it in Traverse Citybut inLake Leelanauis the BEST place to get a cocktail… Northern Latitudes Distillery! Best Bloody Mary and Moscow Mules EVER!

    1. Without a doubt, Northern Latitudes Distillery is the absolute best. From the tasting bar to the excellent cocktail bar it is superior to anything in NW Michigan. The best ingredients. mixing, and condiments. All fresh ingredients plus a wealth of information for the tourist and resident alike.

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