Huron Room in Detroit [Photo Gallery]

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When you grow up Catholic, eating fish and chips every Friday during Lent is a way of life. Being lovers of all things fish and seafood, this was never a bad thing.

We decided to branch out and look for a new restaurant serving fish in the Detroit area. After seeing a saliva-enducing photo of Huron Room’s PLT (Perch, lettuce, and tomato) on Instagram, choosing where to dine was easy.

As soon as we stepped foot into the Huron Room, we were hooked. The nautical theme was tasteful and not overblown. The finishes were contemporary, yet comfortable and welcoming. Kudos to the Huron Room design team for nailing it.

With a name like the Huron Room, you better be able to deliver some killer fish.

We ordered the aforementioned PLT and it did not disappoint. The perfectly-fried perch was a nice change from a typical fish sandwich made with Cod. We also kept it real with an order of Fish & Chips made with fresh Whitefish. The fish tasted great and the fries were crispy and addicting.

Take our advice and order the Hush Puppies, too. They were golden brown on the outside and moist and flavorful on the inside. They were served with butter, so getting a case of cottonmouth wasn’t an issue like it can be at some places.

Drop anchor at the Huron Room and tell us what you think!

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