5 IPA’s from Beer City Spring Fest 2016

When warmer Michigan weather finally hits, tulips bloom, and outdoor drinking becomes acceptable once again, Beer City Spring Fest is ready commence. May 7, 2016 marked our third consecutive time attending the festival at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds. Although it was much smaller in size this year, it did not disappoint.

Instead of writing a recap like we have in previous years, we decided to compile a list of our favorite IPA’s from the event. Sure, there were plenty of other varieties of beer present — we don’t need a lecture from all the beer geeks out there — but we always lean towards IPA’s. Plus, they paired particularly well with the sunny West Michigan day.

In fairness to White Flame Brewing Company, we were eager to try their Lupulunatic, but they ran out before we had the chance. Disclaimers aside, here are our favorite IPA’s from Beer City Spring Fest 2016.

1. Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery — Front Porch Guava IPA (7.6% ABV)

2. Mitten Brewing Company — Dock’s No-No DIPA (8.9% ABV)

3. Pike 51 — Super Kush (6.2% ABV)

4. Big Lake Brewing — Ryecoe (6.8% ABV)

5. Rockford Brewing Co. — Little George Imperial IPA (10.0% ABV)

Cheers to more Michigan beer festivals this year!


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