Pic of the Week: Cops & Doughnuts in Clare

Cops & Doughnuts Clare Michigan
Pic of the Week: Cops & Doughnuts in Clare, Michigan.

There is a good chance you’ve already heard, but Cops & Doughnuts in Clare is Michigan’s most famous destination for donuts. The fried treats speak for themselves — they’re fresh and delicious — but the cult-like following is what sets the place apart.

It was a random Wednesday afternoon and the bakery was packed from the windows to the walls. There were literally tour buses dropping off swarms of tourists ready to satisfy their donut cravings.

Sweets aren’t exactly in our wheelhouse, so the idea of seeking out a bakery was out of the norm for us, but it was well worth it. The prize-winning Driftwood is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What’s better than stuffing your face with delightful donuts? Cops & Doughnuts is 100% cop owned.

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