Grey Ghost in Detroit is Hauntingly Good

After a series of pop-ups, Grey Ghost Detroit was one of the most highly-anticipated restaurant openings in recent memory. While we usually wait for the hype to die down, we checked out Brush Park’s newest restaurant on its opening day. The gorgeous interior, divine food and invigorating cocktails made it worth the visit.

We brimmed with excitement as we approached Grey Ghost at 47 E. Watson Street, just East of Woodward Ave. The façade was attractive and the small outdoor patio looked appealing (although it was not open at the time). The expansive bar, made with wood from reclaimed bowling alley lanes, stood out immediately upon stepping into the restaurant. A long communal booth running parallel to the bar separated the dining area, reminding us of Wright & Company downtown.

Truth be told, we did a little research beforehand to get an idea of what cocktails and food we might like to order when we arrived. Grandma’s Garden, a phenomenal cocktail made with vodka, St. Germain, cucumber, mint, lime and rose, was a gift from the cocktail gods that set our night in motion.

Grey Ghost Detroit

If you’ve been following our food adventures, you’ve probably noticed that we love small plates. The more dishes you can try in an evening, the better, right? With this in mind, we set our sights on the Fried Bologna and Steak Tartare.

The Steak Tartare arrived first. The meat was so fresh, you could almost hear a “moo.” The creaminess of the egg and contrasting crunch of the toast made for a bona fide brilliant bite.

Grey Ghost Detroit

Our second and final plate was the stuff legends are made of. We had no idea what to expect when we ordered the Fried Bologna, but it brought home the bacon. The thinly-sliced bologna was hog-tastic heaven served atop a fluffy waffle. The jalapeno and melted cheddar joined the party, creating a killer combination that knocked our socks off. For the love of all things good on this earth, please try this plate when you visit Grey Ghost.

Grey Ghost Detroit

Hearts content and bellies full, we immediately began plotting our return to Grey Ghost. We only scratched the surface, so we can’t wait to explore more of their menus and share our experiences with you.

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