Pic of the Week: Chadd’s Bistro in Rochester Hills

Chadd's Bistro Rochester Hills Michigan
Pic of the Week: Chadd’s Bistro in Rochester Hills

Sandwich lovers: we found utopia at Chadd’s Bistro in Rochester Hills! For an array of tempting creations between buns, Chadd’s can’t be beat.

If a food coma inducing sandwich is what you crave, Chadd’s Tremendous Brunch is the way to go. Do not fear this behemoth; the wonderful combination of ham, turkey, egg, avocado, mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, and provolone on grilled buttermilk white bread is worth every bite.

While enjoying Chadd’s Tremendous Brunch, we couldn’t help but notice that no two bites were the same. The perfectly seasoned egg, the thinly sliced turkey, the freshness of the tomato, the saltiness of the ham, and the creamy guacamole took turns dancing across our tongues.

As if the sandwiches at Chadd’s Bistro weren’t enough, we recommend dipping a side order of fries in their flavorful bistro sauce.

As evidenced by their expansive menu, the possibilities are almost endless at Chadd’s. We can’t wait to explore more of their superb sammies in the future.


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