Lake Brothers Brewing Company: The New Lager in Town

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” — Benjamin Franklin

If this quote rings true, then the Brew Detroit facility may be the happiest place in Michigan. In addition to brands like Stroh’s, Atwater, and HopCat, Lake Brothers Beer Company is one of the up-and-comers they’re brewing and packaging under their roof. Along with our friends from Wright & Co., The Peterboro, and The Sugar House, we were fortunate enough to learn more about Lake Brothers Beer while touring Brew Detroit.

Brew Detroit

If you haven’t heard of Lake Brothers yet, you will. Their signature Lager (they only brew one type of beer) can be enjoyed at many bars and restaurants around Detroit and beyond. In fact, we spotted their beer at Olives & Wine in Traverse City this Fall.

The goal at Lake Brothers is simple: Create a locally-brewed Lager that is balanced, easy to drink, and that craft beer novices and enthusiasts alike can enjoy. Mission accomplished. If the Lake Brothers were a Great Lake, they would be Superior.

Lake Brothers Beer Company

Tragic puns aside, we admire the owners for honing their craft and creating one beer that everyone can be proud of. In the race for craft breweries to expand their offerings to stand out, it’s refreshing that they’re keeping it simple, right down to their classic logo and branding.

One of the takeaways from learning about Lake Brothers Beer Company at Brew Detroit was the mutual commitment to quality. There are numerous co-packers throughout the country, but Brew Detroit’s state-of-the-art control measures are unrivaled, helping create a consistent product. It was truly enlightening to learn about the care and dedication that went into each batch.

For now, you can find Lake Brothers Lager in cans, but keg distribution is rolling out as we speak. Look for this timeless brew at your local watering hole or restaurant. If they don’t carry it yet, tell ’em Michigan Chews & Brews recommends that they do.

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