Pic of the Week: Eddie’s Gourmet in Oak Park

Eddie's Gourmet Oak Park Michigan
Pic of the Week: Eddie’s Gourmet in Oak Park

Eddie’s Gourmet in Oak Park isn’t your typical diner. Sure, you’ll find traditional favorites like breakfast dishes, sandwiches, soups and burgers, but the “gourmet” in the restaurant’s name adds an unexpected twist.

Ever had an 8 oz. Filet Mignon, Linguine Carbonara, Penne Scampi at a local diner before? Well, Eddie’s Gourmet serves these dishes and more for a truly unique experience. Not only do they create these high-end dishes, they do it with precision, creating quality dishes that keep foodies raving and customers coming back.

It was a cool, rainy day when we visited Eddie’s, so pasta sounded like a good idea. The Roma Pasta was our favorite dish, with ziti noodles in a cream/zip sauce with mushrooms, carrots, and chopped chicken breast. The Penne Scampi was delicious as well and is our latest Pic of the Week. The pasta bowls were so big, the leftovers we took home provided a second full meal each.

From the diverse menu, clientele from near and far, and even the Keno gaming available, Eddie’s Gourmet is truly an experience that everyone should put on their restaurant bucket list.

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