Burger Destination: Bubba’s in Traverse City

Darth Vader, Star Wars villain, once said, “the force is strong with this one.” If we’re talking about burger joints in Traverse City, “the force” is a renowned burger menu and “this one” is Bubba’s.

Since 2000, Bubba’s has built a reputation for delicious burgers that will leave you stuffed and have you plotting your next visit. This family-friendly burger destination is one of our favorites that we like to visit when we crave burgers in Traverse City. From the classic All American Burger to the spicy Buffalo Burger, the ooey gooey Mushroom Burger to the primal Carnivore Burger, there’s something for just about every type of burger connoisseur.

Bubba's Traverse City Michigan

If we see an Olive Burger on a menu, we’re probably going to try it. Bubba’s makes one that towers above the plate, creating a monumental scene that will get your salivary glands pumping. There’s something sexy about sliced green olives swimming in cheese and oozing off the bun to make their presence known. From the first bite to the last lick of our fingers, the burger was delicious.

When you’re at a legitimate burger joint, the side dishes often play second fiddle. While the burgers at Bubba’s are the star, the tater tots and onion rings are worthy counterparts. Bubba’s manages to amp up the crispiness on their tater tots to peak crunchiness, while the seasoning keeps you coming back for more.

Bubba's Traverse City

Sandwiches, Tacos, Burritos and more round out Bubba’s menu, but it’s hard to stray from their delicious lineup of burgers. Bubba’s even serves breakfast, which we’ve heard good things about.

Next time you find yourself clamoring for a burger in Traverse City, be sure to put Bubba’s on your list. For additional restaurant recommendations in the area, check out our Interactive Guide.

Bubba’s is located at 428 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49686.

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