7 Droolworthy Burgers in Dearborn

How did Dearborn become a southeast Michigan burger mecca? We may never be able to say why, most likely because our mouths are stuffed with double cheeseburgers. What we do know is that the city has slowly amassed an impressive lineup of burger emporiums over the last few years.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit all of these remarkable Dearborn burger joints.

Al’s Grill

Al's Grill Dearborn Michigan

From simple to extreme, you can find an array of burgers to fulfill your craving at Al’s Grill. Devour their classic Cheeseburger — we recommend making it a double — or clobber The Raptor, a burger topped with onion rings, cheese sticks, mayo and more.

Taystee’s Burgers

Taystee's Burgers Dearborn

Famous for the award-winning Notch-Yo-Burger, Taysee’s Burgers is a must try for anyone seeking one of the best burgers in Michigan. The Notch-Yo-Burger features gooey nacho cheese plus the crunch provided by original Dorito’s. Jalapeños join the party and pack a punch of heat. Taste it for yourself and find out why the Notch-Yo-Burger is a winner in our book.

Good Burger

Good Burger Garden City Michigan

The name Good Burger is an understatement. Get crazy by ordering their signature Good Burger with onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and their signature sauce that’ll knock your socks off.

A1 Dogs & Burgers

The second eatery located in a gas station to appear on our list, A1 Dogs & Burgers is a solid option for a delightful burger or hotdog. From an old fashioned burger like the Grandpa to the face-melting Fireball, there’s something to tickle every burger lover’s fancy.

Famous Hamburger

Famous Hamburger Dearborn

When we order a burger, we tend to stick with the signature favorite of the restaurant. In the case of Dearborn’s Famous Hamburger, this means going with their self-titled beefy classic. The Famous Burger showcases two 1/3 lb. beef patties, a fried egg, American cheese, and fresh fixings. You won’t be hungry after devouring this beast.

Brome Modern Eatery

Brome Modern Eatery Dearborn

Formerly known as Brome Burgers & Shakes, Brome Modern Eatery serves one of the tastiest burgers in Dearborn. Get your hands on our personal favorite, the One-Eyed Brome, complete with a runny egg for that gratifying yolk porn.

Miller’s Bar

It would be tragic if this list didn’t include Miller’s Bar, a legendary staple for no-frills ground round patties on steamed buns. Pay cash at the bar, then enjoy your famous Miller’s burger.

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