Slurp Alert: Edo Ramen House Arrives in Royal Oak

“We’ve been driving by your restaurant for months and couldn’t wait for it to open” is a common sentiment we read online and heard during our first visit to Royal Oak’s new Edo Ramen House. Its location on 13 Mile Road caught the eyes of nearby Royal Oak residents, Beaumont Hospital employees who work less than a mile away, and curious passersby.

Edo serves an imaginative take on several Asian dishes courtesy of owner and chef Eddie Bautista. Raised in Hawaii and of Filipino decent, Eddie was formerly an owner/chef at Little Tree Sushi in Royal Oak and Edamame in Madison Heights. Given his pedigree, it isn’t surprising that Edo features his delicious takes on sushi, poke (raw fish salad originating in Hawaii), udon soup, ramen, and even loaded fries.

Edo Ramen Royal Oak Michigan
Crispy Jalapeno Squid

We started our Edo adventure with the cravetasticly crunchy Jalapeno Squid. The curry-garlic seasoning with sliced jalapeno garnish gave it a nice bite of heat without being overpowering. You can amp up the spice with Eddie’s pride and joy, his homemade sauce that sits at every table in the restaurant.

Edo Ramen Royal Oak Michigan
Slurp, slurp

Next up were some seriously slurpy noodle bowls. We kept it simple by ordering a bowl of the Traditional Ramen. Pro tip: Get it with pork broth for an abundance of flavor.

The Surf ‘n Turf Ramen lived up to its name. The beef melted in our mouths and the shrimp tempura provided a nice seafood counterpoint you’d expect in a surf and turf dish.

Edo Ramen Royal Oak Michigan
Traditional Ramen at Edo Ramen House

The worst thing about Edo Ramen House? Their menu is so tempting that you can’t enjoy everything in just one visit. There were so many more things we wanted to try — the Edo Fries and Eddie’s specialty sushi rolls are calling us — that will have to wait until next time.

Edo Ramen House is located at 4313 13 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48073.

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