5-on-5: Diner Dishes We Can’t Live Without

5-on-5 is our highly-subjective series of lists released on the 5th day of every month. Our goal is to have fun sharing some of our favorites in various categories. From fish to French fries, pizza to pasties, follow our foodie lists for monthly recommendations across Michigan.

Comforting food. Endless coffee refills. Friendly service. Affordable prices. There are many reasons why us Michiganders love our local diners and Coney Island restaurants. We decided to dedicate this 5-on-5 to our favorite diner dishes.

Chili Cheese Fries

Alex's Royal Grill Troy Michigan
Alex’s Royal Grill (Troy, MI)

What do you get when you take a good thing like French fries, then dial up the indulgence? Chili Cheese Fries, of course.

Something Smothered

Antonio's Coney Island Warren Michigan
Antonio’s Coney Island (Warren, MI)

Whether it’s biscuits and gravy, an open-face turkey sandwich, or an omelet disappearing under a blanket of chili, we love our smothered diner delights. A food coma typically ensues, so plan accordingly.


Old House Family Restaurant Sterling Heights
Old House Family Restaurant (Sterling Heights, MI)

You can always count on an omelet. Night or day, these eggcellent dishes are there to fill you up. Served with an order of hash browns and toast, this breakfast staple can’t be beat.

Club Sandwiches

Monty's Grill Woodward Royal Oak
Monty’s Grill (Royal Oak, MI)

A classic club sandwich isn’t a showstopper, but it’s one of the most popular sandwiches you’ll find at a diner. There’s something comforting and satisfying about the unmistakeable combination of turkey, bacon, mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

Coney Dogs

Cavis Grill Port Huron Michigan
Cavis Grill (Port Huron, MI)

We had to save the best for last. Presented without comment.

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