Chili Mustard Onions in Detroit: Iconic Favorites with a Vegan Twist

We have eaten at countless restaurants and have never come across the words “vegan” and “Coney Island” in the same sentence — until now. One of the newest Detroit darlings, Chili Mustard Onions combines the unlikely duo of smothered dogs and veganism with delicious results. As carnivores through and through, we had to taste for ourselves.

Chili Mustard Onions Vegan Restaurant Detroit Michigan

Could Chili Mustard Onions really pull off a vegan version of an iconic Detroit Coney Dog? What about the famous double-decker burger from the golden arches? The answer to both questions: yes.

Overall, the Coney Dog was satisfying with the look and feel you know and love. The notable difference from the original Detroit dog was the chili due to the lack of texture provided by the ground beef. We take our hats off to this new incarnation of a Michigan classic.

Chili Mustard Onions Vegan Restaurant Detroit Michigan

The Big Mock was the big winner of our dining experience at Chili Mustard Onions. Whether you’re a vegan or not, we both agreed that this burger was downright delish. Not only did we forget that it was meat free, we’re still dreaming about the special sauce. A comment on our Instagram post by @kaisplantlife says it all: “Suddenly I need to visit Detroit.”

Our experience can be summed up best by the restaurant’s slogan: CMO or GTFO. Michigan Chews & Brews is team CMO all day.

Chili Mustard Onions is located at 3411 Brush St, Detroit, MI 48201.

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