Pic of the Week: Saroki’s Pizza in Metro Detroit

Saroki's Pizza Royal Oak Walled Lake Wixom
Saroki’s Pizza (Metro Detroit)

Detroit-style pizza gets much of the praise in Southeast Michigan — no surprise there. People are passionate about their thick crust pies with caramelized edges originating in the motor city. While this glorious pizza is readily available across metro Detroit, it’s not as easy to find specialty styles from Chicago and New York.

When you’re in the mood for thin, foldable slices of New York-style pizza, look no further than Saroki’s Pizza. With multiple locations across the metro area, their massive 20″ pies are enough to fulfill your craving and then some. Greasy little pepperoni cups lounge on the perfect cheese-to-crust ratio, creating epic bites. Our Pic of the Week doesn’t quite convey how big the slices of this East Coast-inspired beast are, so order one for yourself and enjoy.

Saroki’s Pizza has multiple locations across metro Detroit.

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