Bonafide Burger Joints in Traverse City

There’s no shortage of breweries and wineries in Traverse City. You can add mouthwatering burgers to that list with these essential burger spots. Which one is your favorite?

Sleder’s Family Tavern

Sleder's Family Tavern Traverse City

Kiss the moose for good luck, then kiss your burger craving goodbye at Sleder’s Family Tavern. Enjoy a classic half-pound Sleder Burger or green olive laden Olive Burger.

Don’s Drive-In

Don's Drive-In Traverse City Michigan

Don’s Drive-In does it right with their 1/2 lb. Big D Burger. This burger is so beefy and tasty, the bun can barely keep up. Dine in your car or grab a table inside for a throwback diner experience.


Bubba's Traverse City Michigan

When a burger craving strikes, Bubba’s is sure to satisfy. Their 1/2 lb. burgers are available with classic toppings, or you can get wacky with creations like the Hawaii 5-0 featuring pineapple, ham, and jalapenos.

J & S Hamburg

J S Hamburg Traverse City

At J & S Hamburg, the burgers have been great since 1938. Late night hours on the weekend ensure your craving will always be covered.

Slabtown Burgers

Slabtown Burgers Traverse City Michigan

What’s there to say about Slabtown Burgers that hasn’t already been said? This praise-worthy burger shack should be on the bucket list of any burger lover. We love the Slabtown Special with its two chargrilled patties, cheese, grilled onions, and namesake sauce.

Little Bohemia

Little Bohemia Traverse City

The Olive Burger at Little Bohemia has been featured by famed culinary heavyweights, but locals know best. This best selling burger is highlighted by sliced olives, melted Swiss cheese, and special mayo.

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