Expansive Beer Selection, Club Sandwich Shine at Short’s Brewing in Bellaire [Photo Gallery]

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There isn’t much to say about Short’s Brewing that hasn’t already been said.

While Michigan beer enthusiasts across the state are acutely familiar with their unique beer, the Short’s Brewing brewpub located in Bellaire, Michigan provides an experience that stands on its own.

We recently made our way to the remote town of Bellaire to experience Short’s brewpub once again, this time taking photos to share with folks who may not have had a chance to visit the joint.

Twenty brews graced the expansive blackboard, including Empress Catherine Imperial Stout, The Magician, Autumn Ale, Chocolate Wheat, Stellar Ale, and the venerable Huma Lupa Licious. Experimental brews were on tap, too, like London Fog, an English brown ale brewed with Earl Grey Tea.

While beer is the focus, food is certainly not an afterthought. The brewpub makes the best club sandwich, the ‘Someday,’ we’ve ever had.

The artwork, live music stage, welcoming staff and communal vibe all add to the character of the Short’s brewpub. Next time you’re headed to Northern Michigan, be sure to make a stop in.


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