Pic of the Week: Yesterdog in Grand Rapids

Yesterdog Grand Rapids
Pic of the Week: Yesterdog in Grand Rapids

We are in Grand Rapids for the Beer City Spring Fest, so we had to hit up the famous Yesterdog for a few Cheddardogs. You may have to take a shower after biting into one of these delicious dogs, but it’s well worth it.

Yesterdog has been an East Grand Rapids institution since 1976. The place hasn’t changed a bit since our first visit back in the late 1990s, adding to its character and charm. We always enjoy coming back when we’re in the area.

If you’ve never been to Yesterdog, here are a few tips: Cash only. Tip the staff by hurling your loose change into a metal receptacle mounted on the wall behind the counter. Ordering can be chaotic, especially if you’re there after midnight during the post-bar rush.

Yesterdog is located at 1505 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506.

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