Introducing Michigan Chews & Brews

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Four score and several brews ago, we started Michigan Restaurants & Bars. Our original idea was to create a Twitter account that we could use to spread the word about the deliciousness that Michigan has to offer. That modest Twitter account has grown substantially; a website, Instagram account, and Snapchat (not that we know how to use it) have followed.

Along the way, we met amazing Michigan restaurant, bar, brewery, and winery owners that had one thing in common: A love for the Mitten. We love exploring and spotlighting our Michigan friends and neighbors. We aren’t critics and don’t want to be. We are proud to be 100% Michigan-positive because the world has enough negativity (Yelp, anyone?).

After three years (and a few more of Short’s Huma Lupa Licious), we realized we’ve out grown our old name. We want to do more than share articles and news, we want to create something that encourages people to eat and drink local. While our site won’t change the world, it may introduce you to a new restaurant or brewery that could change your life (or at least make you happy).

Introducing Michigan Chews & Brews, our new identity. We’re exploring Michigan one plate and drink at a time; come with us.

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