Georgina’s in Traverse City: New Digs, Same Great Flavors

Our love for Georgina’s in Traverse City goes back to 2013 at their original location on Front Street.

After our group waited outside for a table — to say the restaurant was tiny would be an understatement — we were rewarded with a unique Asian and Latin fusion meal. Chef Anthony Craig stopped by our table and found out our tastes and preferences, then ordered for us. Chef’s charisma and likeability made us trust what he was going to bring to the table and made us feel connected to the food. It was more than just a meal; it was an experience.

Fast forward two years. Georgina’s is located a few blocks west across from the State Theater. While the location has changed, the same great Asian and Latin flavors remain.

The new location boasts obvious upgrades: More tables, a sleek interior, and a beautiful bar. Chef no longer goes table-to-table, which is something we miss, but we understand it’s unrealistic to continue this type of service in the new space.

Georgina's Traverse City Michigan
Asian Beef Skewers, our favorite appetizer at Georgina’s in Traverse City.

We tried a few different appetizers, but the standout was the Asian Beef Skewers. While it wasn’t the flashiest appetizer on the menu, the meat is succulent as all getup. The accompanying sweet potato fries were insane; crispy with a hint of honey. The dipping sauce was phenomenal, although it may have been meant for the beef!

Georgina’s menu also consisted of two build-your-own options: Rice Bowls and Noodle Bowls. We opted for a Noodle Bowl with seared sesame tuna. The bowl was huge and fresh, loaded with vegetables and noodles in broth.

Georgina's Traverse City
The Puerto Rican Lasagna is made with plantains instead of noodles, lending a sweetness to the dish.

A gorgeous plate of Puerto Rican Lasagna made an appearance at our table as well. It’s made with plantains in place of pasta. The plantains lend a sweetness to the faux-Italian dish. It was light, yet deceptively filling. Needless to say, it didn’t last long.

Next time you’re in Traverse City, visit Georgina’s, order a Mojito, and make it a meal to remember.

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Georgina’s is located at 236 East Front St. in Traverse City, Michigan.

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