10 Fantastic French Fries in Michigan

Fries. Everybody makes them because we all love them. While it would be near impossible to list out all the crispy potato goodness Michigan has to offer, we do have a few places we go to because of the fries. Places so good that we will stuff our faces until our bellies hurt just to get that last crispy one at the bottom.

In no particular order, here are a few of our go-to spud sanctuaries.

The Green Well (Grand Rapids) — Truffle Fries

The Green Well Grand Rapids Michigan

More and more restaurants are offering Truffle Fries these days. While they must be executed properly for the perfect crunch, the accompanying condiment can be just as important. The Green Well’s Truffle Fries are served with a Dijon Aioli that compliments them perfectly and makes them one of our favorites.

Republica (Berkley) — Plato’s Potatoes

Republica Berkley Plato's Potatoes

If you’re looking for a unique fry experience, you have to check out Republica in Berkley. The Greek heritage of the owners is evident in their Plato’s Potatoes. They’re loaded with feta, lemon, and oregano. These fries are so good, even Eater posted a photo of their deliciousness.

HopCat (Multiple Locations) — Crack Fries

HopCat Crack Fries

We don’t care what put HopCat on the map, their Crack Fries are worthy of endless praise. In fact, Food Network Magazine considers them one of the Top 10 French Fries in America. These beer battered beauties are sprinkled with HopCat’s signature cracked black pepper seasoning. We love the cheese sauce that comes with them. Want to go big? Get ‘em loaded.

Georgina’s (Traverse City) — Asian Skewers with Sweet Potato Fries

Georgina's Traverse City Michigan

Although the focus of this appetizer isn’t the fries, the accompanying Sweet Potato Fries blew us away with their balsamic aioli drizzle. As perfect as the skewers were, the fries left a lasting impression on our palettes.

Stella’s Lounge (Grand Rapids) — Chronic Fries

Stella's Lounge Grand Rapids

We don’t know who Stella is, but we love the kick her Chronic Fries give our taste buds. Chronic Fries feature a special spicy seasoning that make your lips tingle and keeps you coming back for more.

Bastone Brewery (Royal Oak) — Pomme Frites

Monk Beer Bar Royal Oak

For true Belgian frites, you have to visit Bastone Brewery in Royal Oak. They’re served with a few different dipping sauces, but the Basil Mayonnaise is our favorite.

Townhouse (Detroit/Birmingham) — Truffle Fries

Townhouse Detroit

We tried Townhouse’s Truffle Fries during Dine Drink Detroit and we can’t wait to go back. What dipping sauce are they served with, you ask? Rosemary Garlic Aioli… yum!

Reserve (Grand Rapids) — Pork Fat Fries

Reserve Grand Rapids Michigan

A glass of wine, a seat on the rooftop patio, and an order of Pork Fat Fries make for a great summer’s day at Reserve in downtown Grand Rapids.

Mandaloun Bistro (Bingham Farms) — Phoenician Fries

Mandaloun Bistro Phoenician Fries

The Phoenician Fries at Mandaloun Bistro aren’t like the typical fries you’ll find in Michigan. Mandaloun Bistro serves authentic Lebanese cuisine, so the fries they serve are typical of Lebanon. They’re sautéed with lemon juice, olive oil, cilantro, and garlic. Don’t be alarmed that they’re not entirely crispy; this is how they’re meant to be.

National Coney Island (Multiple Locations) — Chili Cheese Fries

National Coney Island Chili Cheese Fries

Sometimes you want an indulgent Detroit classic: Chili Cheese Fries. We all have our preferences when it comes to them; our go-to Chili Cheese Fries come from National Coney Island. National is known for their chili and it’s available at many Metro Detroit grocers. In fact, some restaurants use National’s chili for their own Chili Cheese Fries. Monty’s Grill in Royal Oak is one of them.

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  1. I love pomme frites, but I can’t stand mayo! I think I would stick with the chili cheese fries! I would like a small tub full of them, please!

  2. Achatz Burgers on Hall Road in Macomb Twp also has great fries (we just renewed our love on Wednesday!). Our favorite is rosemary and garlic fries, OM NOM!

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