15 Favorite Photos from 2015

It was a banner year for Michigan Chews & Brews. In 2015, we introduced a new logo, launched our interactive guide, took a plethora of photos, and published dozens of articles.

Our travels led us to Kalamazoo, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and beyond. We were greeted with new dining and drinking experiences, and we met many great people along the way.

It’s always fun taking a trip down memory lane, so here are fifteen of our favorite photos (plus two bonus ones) from our adventures.

1. Folgarelli’s Market (Traverse City)

Folgarelli's Market Traverse City Michigan
Folgarelli’s Market in Traverse City.

The sandwiches are so good at Folgarelli’s Market & Wine Shop in Traverse City, we had to make this our cover photo on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Reserve Wine & Food (Grand Rapids)

Reserve Grand Rapids Michigan
Reserve Wine & Food in Grand Rapids.

A glass of wine, a seat on the rooftop patio, and an order of Pork Fat Fries make for a great summer’s day at Reserve in downtown Grand Rapids.

3. Monty’s Grill (Royal Oak)

Monty's Grill Woodward Royal Oak
Monty’s Grill in Royal Oak.

If you love a good hole-in-the-wall diner, you’re bound to love Monty’s Grill on Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak. Sometimes even a simple club sandwich can shine.

4. Mr. Kabob Xpress (Troy)

Mr. Kabob Xpress Troy Michigan
Mr. Kabob Xpress in Troy.

Mr. Kabob has always been one of our favorites since their humble beginnings in Berkley. Just when we thought we couldn’t love them more, they opened Mr. Kabob Xpress in Troy. Now we can create Mediterranean masterpieces.

5. Bobcat Bonnie’s (Detroit)

Bobcat Bonnie's Detroit
Bobcat Bonnie’s in Detroit.

Bobcat Bonnie’s debuted in 2015, making a nice addition to Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Brunch, anyone?

6. Starlite Diner & Coney Island (Burton)

Starlite Diner & Coney Island Flint Michigan
Starlite Diner & Coney Island in Burton.

Coney dogs are a way of life in Michigan, so loyalties run deep. This photo makes a convincing argument for the Flint-style Coney dog.

7. Woodpile BBQ Shack (Clawson)

Woodpile BBQ Shack Clawson Michigan
Woodpile BBQ Shack in Clawson.

Woodpile BBQ Shack is a welcome addition to downtown Clawson. From Brisket to Burnt Ends, Ribs to Mac & Cheese, we’re fans of Pitmaster Bubba and his BBQ empire.

8. Basement Burger Bar / Farmington Brewing Co. (Farmington)

Basement Burger Bar Farmington Michigan
Basement Burger Bar & Farmington Brewing Company in Farmington.

The guys at Basement Burger Bar and Farmington Brewing Company are putting downtown Farmington on the map. Burgers and beer – what better combination is there?

9. Brome Burger & Shakes (Dearborn)

Brome Burgers & Shakes Dearborn
Brome Burgers & Shakes in Dearborn.

The One-Eyed Brome Burger is egg-cellent. Every time we look at this photo from Brome Burgers & Shakes in Dearborn, we salivate.

10. Bell’s Eccentric Café (Kalamazoo)

Bell's Brewery Eccentric Cafe Kalamazoo
Bell’s Eccentric Café in Kalamazoo.

Bacon Lollipops and Oberon? Yes, please.

11. Atwater in the Park (Grosse Pointe Park)

Atwater in the Park
Atwater in the Park in Grosse Pointe Park.

2015 marked our breakout year for brunch. Atwater in the Park launched their brunch in September and we had to check it out. This Corned Beef Hash had a perfect meat-to-potato ratio, making for a perfect Fall Sunday morning.

12. Theatre Bar (Grand Haven)

Theatre Bar Grand Haven Michigan
Theatre Bar in Grand Haven.

Theatre Bar is wedged between The Grand Seafood & Oyster Bar and Dee-Lite Bar & Grill in quaint downtown Grand Haven. The bar stands on its own, featuring a formidable list of Martinis, but offers food from both of the aforementioned restaurants. These scallops from The Grand Seafood & Oyster Bar were phenomenal.

13. St. Cece’s Pub (Detroit)

St. Cece's Pub Detroit

Instagram led us to this delectable Brunch Burger from St. Cece’s Pub in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. We weren’t disappointed.

14. Chateau Chantal (Traverse City)

Chateau Chantal
Chateau Chantal in Traverse City.

Why are you reading this? Check out our favorite view in Michigan.

15. Mudgie’s Deli (Detroit)

Mudgie's Deli Lobster Roll
Mudgie’s Deli in Detroit.

Lobster Roll week at Mudgie’s Deli in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood garners quite the buzz in Detroit and beyond. This is one seasonal delight worth indulging in.

16. Black Lotus Brewing Company (Clawson) [BONUS]

Black Lotus Clawson Michigan
Black Lotus Brewing Company in Clawson.

A spin on a classic Reuben Sandwich, the Dr. Detroit from Black Lotus Brewing Company in Clawson is delightful.

17. Green Lantern Pizzeria (Multiple Locations) [BONUS]

Green Lantern Pizzeria Madison Heights
Green Lantern Pizzeria with multiple locations throughout Metro Detroit.

Even Mario loves Lantern Bread from Green Lantern Pizzeria in Metro Detroit.

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