Pic of the Week: Kitchen 67 in Grand Rapids

Kitchen 67 Grand Rapids
Pic of the Week: Kitchen 67 in Grand Rapids.

When it comes to sandwiches, the possibilities are endless. You can squeeze just about any combination of proteins, vegetables, fried foods, and spreads in between two buns and have yourself a glutton fest. There’s beauty in simplicity, too, when a few ingredients come together to make the perfect bite.

The Bird In Hand Chicken Sandwich from Kitchen 67 in Grand Rapids falls into the latter category, focusing on a beautifully fried piece of chicken. The Founders Red’s Rye IPA batter crisps to perfection while locking in the juices of the chicken. It is accompanied by lettuce and mayonnaise, creating a deliciously simple sandwich.

We appreciate how Kitchen 67 lets the chicken be the star of the show, resisting temptation to add a slew of unnecessary toppings. It’s the best fried chicken sandwich we’ve ever had, so it’s not surprising that it made Huffington Post’s list of 10 Sandwiches You Should Definitely Try Before You Die.


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