Saving CJ: Help Us Support the Children’s Miracle Network

We’ve been running Michigan Chews & Brews for 5 years and have never gotten personal. We feel like Michigan restaurants speak for themselves, and frankly we aren’t that interesting. Fair warning, this post is going to be radically different. We are sponsoring The Walk for Miracles Kickoff event on June 3rd, at Mandaloun Bistro in Bingham Farms.

Here is our story

I remember exactly where I was when I got the text that changed our lives. Our nephew was being rushed to Beaumont Children’s hospital because he was having seizures. He was only a baby, less than a year old. What followed was a real life nightmare. Watching his little body convulse was torture. His life literally stopped for minutes at a time. He was hospitalized for 16 days and was subjected to hundreds of brutal tests. Nurses had to help lift him out of his crib so that I could safely hold him. He was a literal Houdinni with his IV’s and ripped them out every chance he got. Which resulted in more pokes. More pain. How do you explain or sooth a baby living in actual hell?

CJ snuggling with his dad before one of his many tests

Through it all Beaumont Children’s Hospital was amazing. Their pediatric IV unit did their best to minimize pain from injections. Dr. Arndt, his pediatric neurologist, specialized in seizures and created an amazing plan to help my little man. Dr. Sood, at DMC Children’s, wrote the textbook on the surgery that would cure CJ. It was a brutal choice, but one week after CJs first birthday, he had major cranial surgery at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. We had no idea what the outcome would be, but we trusted that Dr Arndt’s recommendation was the best option.

Fast forward one year. At CJ’s second birthday, he celebrated one year seizure free. He is going to therapy at Beaumont, to get stronger and work on language skills. He is still the friendly, happy kid he always was. Apparently his ordeal affected his favorite grownups way more than him. His prognosis is that he will grow up to be healthier than I am. Beaumont Children’s literally saved his life.

CJ today, one year seizure free. To help more kids like him, donate at

It’s no secret that Mandaloun Bistro is one of our go-to spots. When they approached us about hosting an event to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont, it was a no brainer. (I’m not just saying that because I work at Beaumont Health). There isn’t a place that I can think of that has affected our family more. Have I mentioned how much I adore my nephew? They support children, their families, wonderful programs and especially the neurology department every day.

We are helping Mandaloun Bistro host the Walk for Miracles Kickoff Event on June 3rd, benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont. The party starts at 7 pm and features complimentary hors d’ouerves, DJ, and a red carpet. There will also be exquisite jewelry by Goldcorp and makeup by DAHAB Cosmetics. In addition to the party, Mandaloun Bistro will be offering all Beaumont employees a free appetizer for their table or carryout order all day. Mandaloun Bistro will be donating 20% of the day’s sales to Children’s Miracle Network.

We know this isn’t our usual delectable food post, but we sincerely hope that you will join us, and share our story. Every dollar goes to helping little ones fighting. You can make a donation directly to Children’s Miracle Network by following this link:

Mandaloun Bistro features authentic Lebanese cuisine and is located at 30100 Telegraph Rd. in Bingham Farms. Other sponsors include Beaumont Foundation, Hour Detroit, Executive Valet, Goldcorp, and DAHAB Cosmetics.

Walk for Miracles Kickoff Event 2016 Detroit

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