A Love Letter to Lansing’s Food & Drink Scene

Exploring the food and drink scene of an unfamiliar city is akin to going on a blind date. Slightly optimistic, but with realistic expectations. Open for a relationship, but willing to settle for a stiff drink and a peaceful parting.

In this Match.com-worthy analogy, Lansing was the city and now we’re longing for a second date.

For those of you already in-the-know about Lansing’s food and drink scene, please give us a free pass. We fully admit that Michigan’s capital city was severely underrepresented on our site, which is why we planned our latest trip. We found out the hard way that two nights just wasn’t enough.

Allow us to profess our love for a few Lansing favorites from our journey (we know we have many more places to check out…more about that later!).

Midtown Brewing Company

Midtown Brewing Company Lansing Michigan

We began day one of our trip at Midtown Brewing Company and it did not disappoint. They had their own brews on tap in addition to many Michigan breweries. We opted for their Hoptimal Double IPA. Hoppy and delicious, it lived up to it’s name.

To accompany our pints, the Lobster & Truffle Pizza stood out. This phenomenal pie featured lobster, garlic, and truffle oil. Talk about a few of our favorite things.

It’s always great to see a brewery commit to creating such a fresh, original menu to compliment their brews. They had other enticing menu items — some of the burgers sounded insane — so we will surely be back.

Good Truckin’ Diner

Good Truckin' Diner Lansing

Good Truckin’ Diner caught our eye when we visited Saddleback BBQ in Lansing’s REO Town district earlier this year. A few Google searches later, we knew that the tiny diner was a must try.

The menu surprised us a bit; there was a clear Mexican/Southwest flare going on. We opted for a more traditional omelet and went all-in with three Breakfast Tacos. There was a choice of cheese and three meat options: chorizo, bacon, and sausage. At the suggestion of our waitress, we tried one of each.

The tacos were a nice way to “break the fast,” providing some variety from our typical go-to favorite like Eggs Benedict. There were so many other items on the menu that caught our attention, we certainly have to return.

As we mention on our interactive map, Good Truckin’ Diner gets awfully busy, so don’t be surprised if there’s a wait.

American Fifth Spirits

American Fifth Spirits Lansing Michigan

After hitting a few breweries and bars in the downtown Lansing area, we were looking to switch things up a bit. American Fifth Spirits was like a gift from above.

We love a unique cocktail or two (or three or four). It was satisfying to visit a distillery with a wide-range of cocktails using spirits made in-house. We were thoroughly impressed with Lansing’s first distillery.

Chris, our bartender, guided us through the menu to find what we would enjoy the most. He is a Certified Tourism Ambassador, and loves Lansing like we love Michigan. He suggested the Kentucky Pear, Hemingway, and Liquid Strawberry; they were all amazing.

American Fifth Spirits has an aesthetic that would be popular in metro Detroit, but with the Lansing-centric feel and sensibility of a local watering hole.

Lansing Brewing Company

Lansing Brewing Company

Who doesn’t love sitting outside on a sunny summer’s day in Michigan? Lansing Brewing Company has a great patio and the drinks to back it up.

When in Rome, do as Romans do. We ordered pints of the Angry Mayor IPA, one of their flagship beers, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

We were in the mood for a burger, so we surveyed the menu and landed on the creatively titled,  ‘Be Still My Heart BBQ Burger.’ Lansing Brewing Company used their Union Golden Ale to braise the pork and their Amber Cream Ale in the BBQ sauce that adorned the burger. We’re suckers for breweries that incorporate their brews into their food items.

Bonus points are always doled out to places that have menu titles that make us laugh. Lansing Brewing Company’s ‘Get To Da Choppa’ salad had us rolling on the floor (or maybe that was just the IPA).

Be Our Lansing Guide!

As 100% supporters of food and drink in Michigan, we crave suggestions from locals throughout the state. We’re not know-it-alls, so we’re looking for a few ambassadors to guide us on our next visit to Lansing!

As our ambassador, we ask you to show us a few “essential” places we haven’t been to before and we’ll pay for the drinks and food involved. We only ask that you have an Instagram account and post photos along with us!

If this sounds like you, please fill out our contact form and mention this offer. Someone’s going to be included on our website and social media; why not you?

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