Pic of the Week: Load A Spud in Grand Rapids

Load A Spud Grand Rapids
Pic of the Week: Load A Spud in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The build-your-own concept is growing in popularity at fast-casual restaurants everywhere. We’ve professed our love for Mr. Kabob Xpress in Troy and have visited a handful of others taking this approach.

Our latest build-your-own experience came at Load A Spud in Grand Rapids. We were delighted with their system that allowed us to load a baked potato with a variety of proteins, sauces, vegetables and more. There were a lot of options to choose from; the owner helped guide us in a friendly and efficient manner.

Load A Spud’s Pulled Pork Spud is our latest Pic of the Week. We added BBQ sauce, Colby Jack cheese, green peppers, banana peppers, sour cream and tomatoes to our creation. It was like a magical marriage between a loaded baked potato and pulled pork sandwich, all in one magnificent bowl.

The bowls are so big, you can definitely make two meals out of them!


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