Pic of the Week: MI.Mosa in Farmington

Mi.Mosa Farmington Michigan
Pic of the Week: MI.Mosa in Farmington, Michigan.

Burgers. Beer. Now brunch.

MI.Mosa, a new brunch destination in downtown Farmington, is a welcome addition to favorites Basement Burger Bar and Farmington Brewing Company.

While only in their opening weeks of business, MI.Mosa’s knack for creating exceptional brunch dishes was fine-tuned. The Sockeye Salmon Benedict was executed perfectly, right down to the poached egg. The Pork Belly Omelet was a nice twist on a classic breakfast item; pork belly, peppered gouda, and portabella mushrooms made for a delicious bite.

The dishes we ordered were wonderful, but the accompanying rosemary potatoes blew us away! The level of crispiness on the outside of the potatoes was exceptional, while the insides were nice and fluffy. The rosemary added a boost of flavor and the level of salt was spot on (often overlooked at many restaurants). No bland potatoes here, folks.

What is the “MI” in MI.Mosa all about? It is the restaurant’s commitment to locally-sourced products, something we can appreciate as a Michigan-positive website.

If you’ve been to MI.Mosa, what did you think?


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