11 Awesome Appetizers Across Michigan

If you’ve followed our adventures, you’ve probably noticed our obsession with appetizers. We tend to have an unlimited appetite that our wallet can’t keep up with, which is why we tend to order multiple small plates wherever we go.

Behold, a list of our favorite appetizers from our travels across Michigan. If your favorites aren’t on the list, be sure to comment and let us know what we need to try!

North Peak Brewing Company (Traverse City) — Hand-Rolled Mozzarella Sticks

North Peak Brewing Co Traverse City Michigan

North Peak’s Mozzarella Sticks are so addicting, we joined their Mug Club (the beer may have been a factor, too). The egg roll wrappers are light and crispy, while the cheese is melted to perfection. The accompanying basil pesto ranch will have you devouring this appetizer with reckless abandon.

Garage Grill (Northville) — Firebird Shrimp

Garage Grill Northville Michigan

There’s a burning desire in our hearts for all things shrimp and the Firebird Shrimp from the Garage Grill in Northville sure do satisfy. The succulent shrimp are in a fantastic sweet and spicy sauce that will have you licking your lips and longing for more.

Ale Mary’s (Royal Oak) — Fried McClure’s Pickles

Ale Mary's Royal Oak

Golden brown on the outside, crunchy pickle goodness on the inside. That’s what you can expect when you order the Fried McClure’s Pickles at Ale Mary’s in Royal Oak. Dip ’em in the chipotle aioli for a punch of heat.

Grand Seafood & Oyster Bar (Grand Haven) — Baked Lobster Dip

Theatre Bar Grand Haven Michigan

The Baked Lobster Dip at Grand Haven’s Grand Seafood & Oyster Bar is superb. Warm and satisfying, this tasty dip is served with baked pita chips and crostini.

Donkey Taqueria (Grand Rapids) — Queso Fundido de Chorizo

Donkey Taqueria Grand Rapids

The ooey gooey Queso Fundido de Chorizo dip from Donkey Taqueria in Grand Rapids is a Mexican comfort food perfect for sharing. It’s served with warm corn tortillas made in-house, but we recommend asking for their crispy tortilla chips, a wonder of crispety, crunchy perfection.

Blu Moon Bistro (Ludington) — Ojibwa Dip

Blu Moon Bistro Ludington

If you’ve followed our adventures on Instagram, you’d know that we’re fans of Whitefish dip. Blu Moon Bistro, a wonderful Ludington restaurant, serves our favorite! The Ojibwa Dip is served with tortilla chips, naan bread, and raw veggies for your dipping pleasure.

Great Baraboo (Clinton Township) — Mozzarella Sticks

Great Baraboo Clinton Twp

For an epic mozzarella stick experience, look no further than Great Baraboo in Clinton Township. The cheese is wrapped in a thin layer of pizza dough and served to a perfectly crisp golden brown. They’re so good, you don’t even need the dipping sauces.

Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine (Detroit) — Camarones Cubita Bella

Vicente's Cuban Cuisine Detroit

Shrimp and bacon are two of our favorite things. Throw in a little cream cheese and a slice of jalapeno, and you have the Camarones Cubita Bella plate from Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine in Detroit. Vicente’s has so many amazing tapas, we could write a list on them alone.

Food Factory & Pub (Lake City) — Fried Pickles

Food Factory & Pub Lake City Michigan

Frickles (fried pickles) from the Food Factory & Pub in Lake City are one of the best appetizers we’ve had in Michigan. The egg roll shell is a crispy capsule for the melted Swiss cheese, ham, and pickle. Fun fact: Food Factory has an employee dedicated to making Frickles over the 4th of July weekend just to keep up with demand.

Apache Trout Grill (Traverse City) —  Western BBQ Shrimp

Apache Trout Grill Traverse City

The Western BBQ Shrimp appetizer from Traverse City’s Apache Trout Grill features six plump shrimp wrapped in crispy bacon and smothered with a barbeque glaze with a touch of horseradish. It’s one of the best shrimp dishes we’ve ever had.

Huron Room (Detroit) — Freshwater Hush Puppies

Huron Room Detroit

Golden brown on the outside and moist on the inside, the Freshwater Hush Puppies from the Huron Room in Detroit are top notch.

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