Pic of the Week: Mr. Burger in Grand Rapids

Mr. Burger Grand Rapids Michigan
Pic of the Week: Mr. Burger in Grand Rapids

For a classic, no-frills burger joint in West Michigan, look no further than the legendary Mr. Burger. Slinging iconic burgers since 1967, Mr. Burger has six locations throughout the Grand Rapids area to satisfy your burger craving.

For the maximum beef-to-bun ratio, go big with the Mr. Triple burger, our Pic of the Week. This monster features three beef patties, American cheese, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and special sauce. The Olive Burger, a West Michigan classic, is also a must.

In the age of trendy burgers and extreme toppings, a throwback burger from Mr. Burger always hits the spot. If you’ve never been there before, make sure to add them to your burger bucket list.

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