Pic of the Week: Griffin Claw Brewing in Birmingham

Griffin Claw Brewing Birmingham Michigan
Pic of the Week: Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham, Michigan

What’s better than drinking a beer straight from the brewery? Eating some delicious cuisine made fresh at the brewery! Luckily, the Griffin Claw Brewing Company tap room in Birmingham fulfills our desire for locally-brewed beer and phenomenal bar eats in one sitting.

The mosaic hops and floral finish made the Security & Finance IPA a stellar choice on a Saturday afternoon. The Fish & Chips and Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos perfectly paired with our Michigan craft beer of choice.

Not only were the Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos beautiful, they packed a punch with their hint of heat. The freshness of the diced tomatoes and crunchy coleslaw created a complimentary cooling point, making a fantastic bite. Although three tacos may not seem like a lot of food, we could barely finish them.

Featuring beer-battered haddock, Griffin Claw’s Fish & Chips made a memorable impression with an unmatched crunch. We enjoyed them so much, they made our list of fabulous fish and chips in metro Detroit.


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