Detroit’s Wright & Co. is a Small Plates Sanctuary

If you ask us what our favorite restaurant for small plates in Detroit is and we answer something other than Wright & Company, you have full permission to slap us upside our heads. There’s no question that our favorite spot to enjoy an exquisite array of shareable plates while sipping carefully crafted cocktails is at this top-notch restaurant located downtown.

The thing we adore about shareable plates is that there’s no fear of commitment or buyer’s remorse. If there’s something we don’t particularly care for, there are other plates on the table that are bound to satisfy. Luckily, the cuisine at Wright & Co. requires no guesswork; you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. From perfectly seared Sea Scallops to Tuna Tartare, we’ve fallen in love with every plate we’ve tried. Okay, enough gushing.

Although Wright & Co.’s selection of contemporary plates varies from time-to-time, allow us to introduce you to a few that had our eyes rolling in the back of our heads. Brace yourself for some serious food (and cocktail) envy.

Wright and Co. Detroit
Sautéed Sea Scallops on a bed of Sunchoke Puree
Wright and Co. Detroit
Parisian Gnocchi: Parma Prosciutto, Arugula, Shaved Parmesan & Saba
Wright and Co. Detroit
Tuna Tartare: Spicy Mayonnaise, Crisp Wontons, Sweet Soy
Wright and Co. Detroit
Crab Avocado Toast
Wright and Co. Detroit
Remember Jamaica: Appleton Rum, cranberry-rosemary syrup, lemon, allspice, Angostura
Wright and Co. Detroit
Mint Bird

Wright & Co. is located at 1500 Woodward Ave. in Detroit.


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