Pic of the Week: New Akashi Restaurant in Detroit

New Akashi Restaurant Detroit Iraqi Food
Pic of the Week: New Akashi Restaurant in Detroit

Despite having eaten at hundreds of different restaurants across Michigan, it’s always refreshing to visit a new joint or explore a new type of cuisine. Although we’ve had our share of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, the Iraqi food at New Akashi Restaurant in Detroit was a first for us. We tried this hidden gem courtesy of our new friend, Al Poe (AKA @detroit_poe_pig_out on Instagram).

Our experience at New Akashi was an extravaganza of fresh meat kabob, roasted tomatoes, lamb shank, rice, okra, and samoon (bread). There are no words to describe how flavorful and succulent the kabob was. Forkfuls of rice and lamb were a real treat, while the samoon was the perfect vehicle for stuffing all of the deliciousness into our mouths.

New Akashi is very unsuspecting from the outside, but it’s a surefire favorite among patrons in-the-know. It’s definitely worth vising and will continue to inspire us to try new restaurants and types of food for years to come.

New Akashi Restaurant is located at 16032 W Warren Ave. in Detroit, Michigan.

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