Pic of the Week: Lazybones Smokehouse in Roseville

Lazybones Smokehouse Roseville Michigan
Pic of the Week: Lazybones Smokehouse in Roseville

If you’ve been following our adventures on social media, you’ve seen the list of barbecue joints that we’ve visited continue to grow. When we heard that Lazybones Smokehouse in Roseville had bonesuckin’ sauce, we had to find out for ourselves. Spoiler alert: Lazybones isn’t joking around!

After ordering the Texas Sampler, a variety of smoky meats, we had to do a little taste test. While the brisket, smoked chicken, burnt ends, and additional meats were delicious on their own, we became obsessed after trying them with the Original Lazybonesuckin’ Sauce. We couldn’t stop smothering our smoked meats in the superb sauce, quickly going through the supply that came with our sampler. Needless to say, we grabbed two bottles of the stuff before leaving.

Condiments aside, we truly enjoyed the smoked meats and overall value at Lazybones Smokehouse. They quickly climbed atop our list of favorite barbecue joints in the Detroit area. If you love a good smokehouse, do yourself a favor and get to Lazybones as soon as possible.

Lazybones Smokehouse is located at 27475 Groesbeck Hwy, Roseville, MI 48066.

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