13 Photos Inside The Whitney, Detroit’s Historic Mansion

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The David Whitney House, commonly referred to as The Whitney, was originally designed as a private residence. Its owner, David Whitney Jr., was one of the wealthiest people in Michigan at the time of its construction. The breathtaking structure was completed in 1894, but was later restored in 1986, opening as a fine dining destination.

Not only is it home to an upscale restaurant and a bar, aptly titled Ghost Bar, The Whitney is a spectacle from an architectural standpoint. When you enter, it’s like taking a step back in time. Grand stairways, endless stained glass, and intricate finishes give it an unimaginable amount of character.

Guests are invited, even encouraged, to explore the nooks and crannies throughout The Whitney. The rumored hauntings of the building add to its intrigue and are sure to get your mind racing. You may even hear a bone-chilling story or two from the staff.

If you haven’t been to The Whitney yet, our photo gallery provides you with a preview of what to expect. We’ve included a few photos from their weekday brunch, which we highly-recommend checking out.

The Whitney is located at 4421 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201.

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