Pic of the Week: Wing Doozy in Grand Rapids

Wing Doozy Grand Rapids Michigan
Pic of the Week: Wing Doozy in Grand Rapids

When it comes to creating juicy, craveable wings, the devil is in the details. From rubs to sauces, quality of product to cooking methods, there are many possible ways to prepare wings that keep customers coming back. Luckily for wing lovers in the Grand Rapids area, Wing Doozy has the recipe for success.

Wing Doozy starts with fresh (not frozen) wings that are substantial in size. In fact, their flappers were the biggest ones we’ve ever been served. Three rubs are available, including their signature garlic and parmesan creation. A diverse selection of finger lickin’ sauces ranging from Tennessee Bourbon to Mardi Gras (Buffalo-style sauce with a Cajun kick) amp up the flavor.

Our Pic of the Week showcases Wing Doozy’s delicious wings with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing for dipping. The wings had our taste buds doing the chicken dance as our hearts brimmed with happiness. Exceptionally crispy and generously seasoned, fries are not an afterthought at Wing Doozy; they were phenomenal. The commitment to quality came through in everything we ate, making for a memorable experience.

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