Matt & Mo’s: A Taste of Chicago in Metro Detroit

Armed with a blend of 14 spices and a time-tested family recipe, Matt & Mo’s food truck brings authentic Chicago-style Italian Beef Sandwiches to the masses in metro Detroit. After stalking their Instagram account for months, we finally tried their coveted sandwich and other fare during our latest visit to Detroit Fleat in Ferndale.

Matt & Mo's Food Truck Metro Detroit

When trying a signature dish, it’s imperative to order it as recommended by the restaurant. In the case of Matt & Mo’s Italian Beef, you have to get it hot, sweet, and dipped. The hot giardiniera awakens your senses, while the green peppers add a touch of sweetness. The final step is to have your Italian Beef dunked in au jus, the Chicago way.

After one bite, we were in sandwich heaven. The beef was tender and plentiful, complimented in both texture and flavor by the giardiniera and green peppers. The au jus softens the bread, making it easier to shovel the sandwich into your mouth in record time.

Matt & Mo's Food Truck Metro Detroit

Matt & Mo’s food truck doesn’t stop at Italian Beef. Their Caprese on garlic French bread was ultra-fresh with perfectly ripe tomatoes and creamy mozzarella. If you don’t think their signature Italian Beef is up your alley, this Caprese creation is a certifiably delicious alternative.

Matt & Mo's Food Truck Detroit

Complete your Matt & Mo’s experience with an order of fries or other side dish. The Horseradish Cheddar Fries were perfect for sharing as we enjoyed our sandwiches.

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