5-on-5: Tacos in Grand Rapids

5-on-5 is our highly-subjective series of lists released on the 5th day of every month. Our goal is to have fun sharing some of our favorites in various categories. From fish to French fries, pizza to pasties, follow our foodie lists for monthly recommendations across Michigan.

When it comes to Mexican restaurants in Grand Rapids, there’s certainly no shortage. From neighborhood taco stands to upscale eateries, there are so many ways to enjoy south-of-the-border favorites — especially tacos! Here are five standouts to check out.

La Huasteca

La Huasteca Grand Rapids

The owners of La Huasteca bring authentic flavors from Mexico to west Michigan. Their recipe for pork tamales dates back to the 1920’s, so make sure to enjoy one during your visit.

Maggie’s Kitchen

Maggie's Kitchen Mexican Food Grand Rapids Michigan

Take a trip to Maggie’s Kitchen for some of the best barbacoa tacos money can buy.

Taqueria San Jose

Taqueria San Jose Tacos Grand Rapids Michigan

Party at the taco stand! Taqueria San Jose is a famous Grand Rapids taco spot with covered seating for al fresco dining.


Char Asian Latin Restaurant Grand Rapids Michigan

For an out-of-the-box taco experience, we recommend a trip to Char. Build your own tacos using various Mexican and Asian ingredients for flavor combinations you won’t find anywhere else in Grand Rapids.

Tacos El Cuñado

Tacos El Cunado 1024 Bridge St NW, Grand Rapids, MI

Regarded as having some of the best tacos around Grand Rapids, Tacos El Cuñado has many locations to serve you.

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  1. Char? Fusion tacos aren’t tacos. 7 Mares on Kalamazoo should’ve been the 5th place listed. Wholeheartedly agree with the other 4 – particularly Tacos El Cuñado Bridge St for steak tacos; La Hausteca on Plainfield has the best chicken tacos, Maggies has the best barbacoa … but 7 Mares on Kalamazoo has the best chorizo tacos in town (and the other offerings are also delicious!)

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