Pic of the Week: Mootz Pizzeria in Detroit

Mootz Pizzeria Detroit
Mootz Pizzeria (Detroit, MI)

Authentic New York pizza in the heart of Detroit? It may seem out of place — it’s the land of Detroit-style pizza after all — but we assure you that you’ll want to get Mootz Pizzeria in your life.

For an essential pie with a medley of cheeses and curled pepperoni cups, go with their Uptown & The Bronx. We’re pretty sure the thin, foldable slices were sent from heaven above. The greasy pepperoni cups and generous portion of cheese was truly divine. Enjoy a slice from the takeout section of the restaurant or relax in their full-service dining room. They even have alcohol with a cocktail menu.

If you’re looking for something other than pizza, Mootz makes rave-worthy gnocchi. Their Belt Gnocchi dish showcases fresh Yukon gold potato gnocchi, palomino sauce, ricotta, and pecorino romano. Garlic Knots and Nonna’s Meatballs are on our radar for our next visit.

Mootz Pizzeria is located at 1230 Library St, Detroit, MI 48226.

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