Pic of the Week: Stache International in Detroit

Stache International Detroit Eastern Market
Pic of the Week: Stache International in Detroit’s Eastern Market

Our quest for a great sandwich is never ending. Whether you’re talking about a bangin’ breakfast sandwich, a grand grilled cheese, or a fabulous fish sandwich, we won’t stop until we’ve sampled the best in Michigan.

On our latest adventure to find a tasty sandwich, Stache International had us drooling in anticipation. Located in Detroit’s Eastern Market, Stache is known for some killer creations between two slices of bread.

The Stache Favorite is bound to make one of our “best of” lists. This tasty creation features house-made bologna, smoked thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions, melted American cheese, and tangy mustard. Grilled garlic bread ties it all together.

Make no mistake: Stache International hits a home run with this signature sandwich. The crunch of the bread and hint of garlic jumped out at first, followed by the richness of the bologna. The American cheese reminded us of a grilled cheese sandwich. The Stache Favorite screamed of comfort food from the tips of our taste buds to the depths of our souls.

To heighten your Stache International experience, we recommend adding an order of Firecracker Bites!

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