5 Grand Rapids Drive-Thrus for Eating Local On the Go

Need a quick bite to eat? The American way is to grab a burger and fries from the convenience of a drive-thru. But, what do you do when you want to support local restaurants in lieu of national fast food chains?

Worry not! These are a few locally-owned restaurants with drive-thrus in the Grand Rapids area.

Mr. Burger

Mr. Burger Olive Burger Grand Rapids

Locations scattered throughout the greater Grand Rapids area make Mr. Burger a popular place to grab a bite on the go. Roll down your window and get ready to enjoy a signature Mr. Burger, Olive Burger, or our personal favorite, Mr. Triple.

Red Hot Inn

Established in 1971, Red Hot Inn is known for their chili dogs made with a chili recipe that dates back over 90 years. If you can’t dine-in, their drive thru is a speedy way to enjoy their famous dogs, burgers, pitas, and more. Have a lot of mouths to feed in a hurry? Pick up the Red Hot Box packed with twelve original Red Hot dogs for $24.99.

Quick Time Burritos & Tacos

Quick Time Burritos & Tacos 509 44th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

You don’t have to make a run for the border to enjoy a delicious burrito. Quick Time Burritos & Tacos serves up tasty creations you’d expect, plus out-of-the-box items like the Taco Dog. Be sure to get Quick Time’s homemade queso with your order.

Adobe In and Out

Adobe In & Out has three locations that are great for a quick lunch or dinner on the run. Their Fulton Street location is particularly convenient for a snack after bar hopping downtown.

Mr. Gyros

Mr. Gyros Grand Rapids Michigan

It’s always fun finding a hidden gem. Mr. Gyro’s in Grand Rapids is definitely one of them, serving homemade gyros from an unsuspecting drive-thru on Alpine Avenue. We love the freshness of the pitas and tender, juiciness of the Gyro meat.


Editor’s note: Burger George originally appeared in this article, but has been removed because of its closure on October 30, 2018.

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