5-on-5: Food Holidays and Where to Celebrate Them

5-on-5 is our highly-subjective series of lists released on the 5th day of every month. Our goal is to have fun sharing some of our favorites in various categories. From fish to French fries, pizza to pasties, follow our foodie lists for monthly recommendations across Michigan.

In the foodie world, food holidays are a way to showcase personal favorites while indulging for a day. There are so many of them, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. After all, do we really need a National Carrot Cake Day?

Allow us to narrow down our favorite food holidays for you, along with a few recommendations in each category. Food holidays tend to change dates from year-to-year, so be sure to Google them accordingly. Or, you can go rogue and celebrate them on a random Tuesday. We won’t judge.

National Sandwich Day

Detroit Pizza Factory Dearborn Heights
Detroit Pizza Factory in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

You can put anything between a bun and call it a sandwich. One of our favorite things about these legendary lunch items are the endless possibilities, and we’ve seen a lot of crazy concepts. From a traditional club sandwich to an oven-baked sub, National Sandwich Day is worth celebrating.

A few of our favorites:

National Pizza Day

Hippie's Pizza Royal Oak Michigan
Hippie’s Pizza in Royal Oak, Michigan

Pizza is a beautiful thing. From Detroit-style deep dish to New York-style, traditional Neapolitan to Chicago-style, there’s a lot to love. We eat pizza once per week, but National Pizza Day gives us an extra excuse to indulge.

A few of our favorites:

National Hot Dog Day

Hippo's Hot Dogs 1648 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48083
Hippo’s Hot Dogs in Troy, Michigan

Hot dogs are an all-American staple, making National Hot Dog Day a red, white, and blue food extravaganza.

A few of our favorites:

National Hamburger Day

Mt. Chalet Woodward Ave Royal Oak Michigan
Mt. Chalet in Royal Oak, Michigan

Truth be told, we constantly crave burgers. We’ve enjoyed many bite-worthy beefy creations over the years, but our quest for the best across Michigan is never over.

A few of our favorites:

National French Fry Day

The Green Well Grand Rapids Michigan
The Green Well in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Curly, crinkled, thick, and thin, we love all kinds of fries. National French Fry Day is a celebration of spuds that we are fully on board with!

A few of our favorites: Check out our list, 10 Fantastic French Fries in Michigan, to see some of our recommendations.

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