Where to Achieve Noodle Nirvana in Metro Detroit

Ramen. Pho. Udon. A bowl of noodles and broth is an unbeatable way to warm up on a cold day. Slurp your way to noodle nirvana at these metro Detroit restaurants.

Edo Ramen House (Royal Oak)

Edo Ramen Royal Oak Michigan

One of the newest kids on the block, the highly-anticipated Edo Ramen House opened in Royal Oak in late 2017. Owner and chef Eddie Bautista created a slurp-worthy noodle haven, complete with dreamy bowls of ramen, poke, and fries. Although noodles are their proverbial bread and butter, Edo has a fantastic Jalapeno Squid appetizer with plenty of crunch and the right amount of heat.

Jiang Nan Noodle House (Farmington Hills)

Jiang Nan Noodle House Farmington Hills Michigan

Jiang Nan Noodle House of Farmington Hills specializes in creating hand-pulled la mian noodles from scratch. You can see them making the noodles, so you know they’re fresh. Soothe your soul with spicy beef noodle soup and an order of pan-fried dumplings.

Little Saigon (Madison Heights)

Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant Madison Heights Michigan

Little Saigon is big on flavorful pho. You can enjoy Vietnamese classics other than pho, but why would you want to?

Ima (Detroit & Madison Heights)

Ima 2015 Michigan Ave Detroit

Get down with udon at the Corktown gem, Ima. The Lobster Udon bowl is a must-try with its butter-poached lobster tail, egg, and yuzu broth with notes of lemon. Other Ima favorites include rice bowls and shareable plates.

Kung Fu Noodle House (Madison Heights)

Kung Fu Noodle House Madison Heights Michigan

The bright and airy Kung Fu Noodle House is a great place to grab a pair of chopsticks and fill your face with noodles and flavorful broth. If your appetite is causing you fits, Kung Fu’s BBQ Sticks are a popular appetizer to enjoy while you wait for your noodles to arrive.

Ajishin (Novi)

Ajishin Novi Michigan

Ajishin of Novi is famous for their sushi, but their bowls of udon noodles are some of the best in metro Detroit.

What the Pho (Livonia)

What The Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Livonia Michigan

The potential pho puns are endless, so we’ll keep it short. Livonia’s What the Pho is a cozy restaurant serving mammoth bowls of satisfying rice noodles and broth.

Edamame Sushi (Madison Heights)

Edamame Sushi Madison Heights Michigan

Not only does Edamame Sushi feature a sushi bar, loaded bowls of hearty ramen are available.

Johnny Noodle King (Detroit)

Johnny Noodle King Detroit Michigan

To fulfill your noodle needs, Johnny Noodle King will do the trick. Grab a table or belly up to the bar, then prepare to load up on your choice of pho or ramen. If you’re sitting at the bar, you can watch the staff prepare the proteins and ladle the broth right in front of your eyes. Unique creations like The Philly transform the traditional cheesesteak sandwich into a bowl of ramen.

Saigon Diamond (Madison Heights)

Saigon Diamond Vietnamese Restaurant Madison Heights Detroit

Saigon Diamond is known for its generous bowls of noodles with beef or chicken broth. We are big fans of their soul soothing pho with rare beef.

Detroit Pho & Crab (Warren)

Detroit Pho & Crab Warren Michigan

If you like seafood with your noodles, look no further than Detroit Pho & Crab. Order your pho with luscious lobster tail, crab legs, or shrimp.

Noodle Topia (Madison Heights)

Noodle Topia Madison Heights Michigan

Noodle Topia of Madison Heights serves a small, yet flavorful, menu of ramen noodles and side dishes. The beef noodle soup warmed our souls and guaranteed a return visit. We’re not saying that it helps with a hangover, but it just may cure what ails you.

Pho Lucky (Multiple Locations)

Pho Lucky Detroit Southfield Michigan

For belly-warming bowls of pho, you can’t go wrong at any of metro Detroit’s Pho Lucky restaurants. Since 2012, the owners of Pho Lucky have built a loyal pho-llowing by staying true to the flavors and techniques of Vietnamese cuisine. If you’re pho-kin’ crazy, attempt to tackle their noodle eating challenge.


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