5-on-5: Metro Detroit Food Trucks We Love

5-on-5 is our highly-subjective series of lists released on the 5th day of every month. Our goal is to have fun sharing some of our favorites in various categories. From fish to French fries, pizza to pasties, follow our foodie lists for monthly recommendations across Michigan.

Sunny summer days and food trucks go hand-in-hand. Check out five of our favorite food truck finds in the Detroit area.

Grillwich Tot Stop

Grillwich Tot Stop Food Truck Detroit Michigan

An array of toppings on a bed of crispy tater tots? Sign us up. Grillwich Tot Stop serves up spectacular spud-based dishes.

Lazybones Smokehouse

Lazybones Smokehouse Detroit Food Truck

Lazybones Smokehouse in Roseville is one of our favorite places to get the meat sweats. Lucky for barbeque lovers, they bring their smoky favorites on the road via their food truck.


GoCheez Food Truck Detroit

GoCheez specializes in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches like the Handlebar, a Caprese-like creation between slices of grilled bread.


Kuhnhenn Brewery Delectabowl food truck Detroit Michigan

Anchoring the Detroit Fleat food truck and booze emporium, Delectabowl has been a staple on the metro Detroit scene for a few years. As the name implies, you’ll find bowls loaded with festive flavor combinations at this bright blue food truck.

Matt & Mo’s

Matt & Mo's Food Truck Metro Detroit

Matt & Mo’s brings Chicago-style Italian Beef Sandwiches to hungry mouths in metro Detroit. For an authentic experience, order yours hot, sweet, and dipped.

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