Where to Eat in Madison Heights

We want to let you in on a little secret: In the entire metro Detroit area, Madison Heights is our favorite city to dine in. An abundance of Vietnamese restaurants ensure your pho fix will always be satisfied, you can find some of the best tacos in southeast Michigan, and spectacular Detroit-style pizza and cheese bread can all be found in this unsuspecting city.

Saigon Diamond

Saigon Diamond Vietnamese Restaurant Madison Heights Michigan

We try not to play favorites, but we can’t deny our love for the pho at Saigon Diamond. The rare beef keeps us coming back time and time again.

Tienda Mexicana

Tienda Mexicana Tacos Madison Heights Michigan

In a sea of noodle shops, Tienda Mexicana stands out with must-try tacos like marinated pork (al pastor), carne asada (grilled steak), and tongue (lengua). Mexican staples like tortas and tostadas join the fiesta of flavors at this essential eatery.

Liang’s Oriental Barbeque

Liang's Oriental Barbeque Madison Heights Michigan

You won’t find homogenized Chinese food at Liang’s Oriental Barbeque. Perfectly roasted poultry and swine hang from hooks behind the counter for all to see. We enjoyed the half-portion of succulent duck, ideal for two people to share.

Edamame Sushi

Edamame Sushi Madison Heights Michigan

Can’t decide between sushi and ramen? Edamame Sushi serves both under one roof with delicious results.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Pizzeria

Green Lantern may have originated in Madison Heights, but their popular pizza has melted all over the place. Not only do they have rave-worthy pizza, they have some of the best cheese bread in metro Detroit.

Satay House

Satay House Chinese Food Madison Heights Michigan

Satay House has a glowing reputation for its Malaysian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine. The Instagram-able Pineapple Fried Rice is a showstopper, while fried noodles, rice dishes, and more round out the menu. No matter what you order, start your dining experience with an order of tender and flavorful Satay Chicken Skewers.

Charlie’s Family Restaurant

Charlie's Restaurant Madison Heights

For heavenly Corned Beef Hash, Charlie’s Family Restaurant is our go-to. This underrated breakfast joint also serves hearty lunch plates and homestyle dinners.

Kung Fu Noodle House

Kung Fu Noodle House Madison Heights Michigan

We love warming up with bowls of ramen from Kung Fu Noodle House on chilly days. Check out more photos from our Kung Fu conquests.

Que Huong Restaurant

Que Huong Madison Heights Michigan

Que Huong has a reputation for being one of the top Vietnamese restaurants in metro Detroit. This hole-in-the-wall serves classics like flavorful pho, plus rice dishes and banh mi sandwiches. Crunch on their delightful egg rolls with your entrée of choice.

Zino’s Subs & Pizza

Zino's Subs Pizza Madison Heights Michigan
Zino’s Subs & Pizza (Metro Detroit)

The Zino Super Sub is one of our must-try sandwiches in metro Detroit. Zino’s uses their homemade bread to make this sandwich shine. If you’re a cheese bread enthusiast, be sure to grab an order of their Cheese Blend Bread.


ima Ramen Noodles Restaurant Madison Heights Michigan

Madison Heights is home to the second outpost of Ima, the wildly-popular Corktown noodle shop. We recommend the butter-poached Lobster Udon, one of our favorite noodle bowls in metro Detroit.


Slide in to Telway any time of day to get your mini burger fix. This diner at the corner of John R and Eleven Mile is open 24-hours so you never have to go hungry.

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