Pic of the Week: Wolverine Tacos in Wyoming

Wolverine Tacos Wyoming Grand Rapids Michigan
Wolverine Tacos (Wyoming, MI)

Do you like new twists on classic cuisines? If so, Wolverine Tacos is sure to please with their out-of-the-box takes on traditional tacos.

After chatting with an amicable employee to find out his favorites, we decided to check out their namesake taco, the Wolverine, with brisket. Chicken, pork, and vegan chorizo options were available too. Shredded cabbage, local cheddar, burrito sauce, and pickled red onions came along for the flavorful ride.

Next, we took a Turn Left at Albuquerque — literally, that’s the name of the taco.  The spiciness and punch-you-in-the-face flavor of the green chile pork was the highlight of the taco. The mouthwatering meat of the Albuquerque made it our favorite of the two.

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Wolverine Tacos is located at 1740 44th St SW Ste 1A, Wyoming, MI 49519.

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